Simply the only status changer & manager you'll ever use from now on
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Simply the only status changer & manager you'll ever use from now on.
HyperIM is a freeware, fully feature-packed, universal status manager, with extendable capabilities (plugin-oriented architecture). HyperIM uses expandable text macros (variables and flags) to generate dynamic strings/statuses which change in time (e.g. many media info details from different media players).

You can use HyperIM to create complex, formatted, statuses for all your IM personal status messages, send your status to web scripts (e.g. for dynamic image signatures), create automatic, dynamic, Yahoo! Messenger PM answers, and that's just the start!

This is an installation kit of the latest version, including many, many plugins. You should always check for any newer versions of any specific plugins. This package includes the latest HyperIM engine, and over 40 (fourty) selected plugins:

--- Status changer plugins for the latest (and older) versions of: Yahoo! Messenger 9.0, 8.1 or older, MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, Trillian, Miranda IM, and Xfire
--- Media player 'now playing' support for Winamp 2.x and 5.x, iTunes, Windows Media Player 9 and newer, BSplayer, 1by1 player, Crystal Player, foobar2000 v0.9.x, jetAudio, Yahoo! Music Jukebox (Yahoo! Music Engine), XMPlay, Musicmatch Jukebox, Media Player Classic, MPlayer, QCD, GOM Player, RealPlayer, UltraPlayer and ZoomPlayer. (These are not all the media players supported by HyperIM. Go to the Plugins section to see all the 26 supported players).
--- MiniLyrics bridge: provides currently playing song's lyrics, for further use inside HyperIM.
Note: MiniLyrics is a 3rd party, separate lyrics viewer plugin for some well-known media-players.
--- Some very useful Yahoo! Messenger utility plugins
-Yahoo! Messenger advanced auto-replies, with many options, for YM 6.0 - 8.0
-BuddY! Alerter - set custom alerts for when your YM buddies come online, go offline, or change their status. -Forget about the default WAV sounds - set individual MP3/MP4/OGG/AVI alerts, full-screen alerts, tray alerts...
Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 all 88 hidden emoticons menu chooser (so you don't have to use some separate app. for this)
-Yahoo! Magic Avatar - create 2-in-1 YM avatar pictures!
-Yahoo! Chat broadcast - sends what you're now playing directly to chat rooms
-Web interaction plugins
-Status2Web plugin: send your status anywhere! Create dynamic signatures from any dynamic HyperIM macro.
-RSS Feeds plugin: bring the web to your status! Create dynamic statuses from any web feed!
-HotStatus - create global hotkeys to instantly change your status!
-Time/date/timer plugin to show countdowns/countups, current date, or system uptime
-"What am I doing?" plugin, to show working window captions, what game you're playing, or anything you're doing!
-ĀµTorrent statistics plugin - shows everything about your torrents!
-File lines plugin (reads lines of text from up to 4 text files, that you can use in your status randomly, ordered etc.)
-Skinning plugin, including a few skins
-More! :) Find out for yourself!

Use HyperIM to:

...save all your favorite statuses and use them at any time you want - up to 16 millions saved statuses, not 5 or 10!
...change your status instantly in all your desired IM clients - most popular IM programs supported!
...show what you listen or what movie you watch - many media players supported (!!!)
...leave funny answers (there's a plugin that does this for Yahoo! Messenger users)
...see and use all hidden emoticons in Yahoo! Messenger on a keystroke (literally).
...format your status and answers with extendable macros: kbps, duration, ASCII progress bar etc.
...format your status and answers with customizable countdown time, current date and time, and/or random/ordered messages taken from text files!

Discontinued by the developer.
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